Blompot gets operated

Blompot is one of our “old customers”, she was spayed during our very first spay days in Bethanie. She is a very much loved and looked after indoor cat, but beginning of the month Blompot was unlucky and got attacked by some dogs. She broke her leg and because we are the only hope and help in such cases for the Bethanie community, hundreds of kilometers away from the next vet, Blompot was brought to us shortly after we arrived.

Dr. Maya checked Blompot and told her family that the leg needs to be amputated in order to relieve her from the pain. Her owner thought Blompot will have to be put down but hearing the news that we are able to help made her cry happy tears 

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Dr Maya is explaining to Blompot’s owner that the bone is badly damaged.







Blompot is waiting with her family for the operation.






  Blompot is getting ready to be operated


 Recovery after the operation




Blompot on her way home