Good to be there!

Being able to use the Mobile Animal Clinic of Baines VetCare CC for spay days has so many advantages. For example, because we can work directly in the townships, owners can be with their pet to comfort them during wake up, helping to keep the animal calm.

We thank Baines VetCare CC for always being available for spay days!!

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Mark your calendars!

We are getting ready to hit the road again! From 19th – 30th July the Mobile Animal Clinic will in Karibib, Usakos, Uis and Henties Bay providing sterilisation services to dogs and cats in low and no income communities! We would love to help lots of dogs and cats on this trip – anyone wanting to support us is welcome to make a donation using the bank details pinned to the top of our page.

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Canine distemper is a life-threatening disease which can be transmitted from dogs to wildlife species such as jackal, bat-eared fox and African wild dog. Every animal sterilised by Have-a-Heart Mobile also receives full vaccinations which will stops such diseases spreading to local wildlife populations.

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Okahandja – Fyf Rand Kamp

This weekend we held the first ever spay days in Okahandja’s Fyf Rand Kamp, and they will not be the last! As usual we were overrun and overwhelmed by the many, many caring owners who wanted their pet sterilising, and we were able to sterilise and vaccinate 63 dogs and 5 cats.

We are thankful for the Mobile Animal Clinic of Baines VetCare CC for being available this weekend and everyone who volunteered their time to make the spay days happen. We also thank all of our supporters who make it possible for us to provide our services in these communities who are so desperately in need.

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First time Spay Days in Fyf Rand Kamp!

This weekend we will be holding the first ever spay days in Okahandja! We are sure there is a massive need for our services there; 24,000 people are living in the Nau-Aib township, and another 5,000 people are living in the Five Dollar (Rand) Camp.

Sterilisation and vaccination services will be provided to dogs and cats from no and low income families only – this is classed as N$2,000 and less per month.

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White Feet

This is White Feet – one of the dogs we were able to help in the remote township of Witvlei. White Feet’s owner patiently waited for four hours to make sure his dog got the all important neuter, sterilisation and parasite control treatment and waited by his side whilst he woke up in the recovery area. In each and every township we see a lot of love and dedication from pet owners and we are committed to giving them the little bit of help they need to have happy and healthy pets.

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