Great news from Keetmans!

The cat on the picture is a tiny little girl, not even close to one year old and she already had her first litter of kittens in September, just before the visit of the mobile clinic.

The babies were too young to have the mother cat sterilised at that stage, but her family was very worried about her as she was still so young but already having kittens.

The fantastic Have a Heart Keetmanshoop team made sure the cat will be operated at the state vet as soon as the kittens were old enough. She really struggled to raise her babies, she lost weight and didn’t look healthy anymore. A second pregnancy at this stage might have been too much for her to handle and cats can get pregnant within months after the last litter!

But now she is sterilised and she has all the time she needs to recover and grow, she can concentrate on herself and become a healthy cat. She is much loved by her family and she got the best chance to be a happy and healthy cat for many years! 

Swakop News

We are happy to tell you that during the month of October, 27 dogs joined the Have-a-Heart family after receiving their sterilisation, vaccinations and parasite control treatments.

Massive thanks to the Feed a Paw team, Swakop Vet Clinic and everyone supporting us!!!

We are happy to tell you that during the month of October, 27 dogs joined the Have-a-Heart family after receiving their…

Posted by Have-a-Heart Namibia on Monday, 4 November 2019



We Thought Of you Today, But That Is Nothing New….

Today, one year ago, we lost our friend, founder and CEO, Lindie Prinsloo.
She left a huge gap and we miss her very much.

The biggest THANK YOU goes out to everyone supporting Have a Heart and working hard to keep Lindie’s project strong!

Happy Birthday!

Today we are happy to be saying a huge THANK YOU to Cat Adams – Act of Kindness and her supporters for the donation of N$1,200 made for her birthday! This is one special girl with a big heart and we are so grateful for her continuing support. The donation will enable the lives of some of Namibia’s less fortunate dogs and cats to be vastly improved through the simple procedure of sterilisation. THANK YOU!

P.S. We just love this super cute birthday cake 

How to Plan a Vacation with Your Dog!

All of us love dogs and cats and this is a beautiful written information with tips how to travel with a dog – and cat!

We love it and had to share it!

> It’s that sweet time of year again when the cities are hot, the beaches are crowded, and the travel sites’ colorful images scream “book me”! But if your family happens to include a certain furry, four-legged canine member, vacation packages are usually not an option as they rarely allow dogs. Traveling with a dog requires careful planning and research. Let’s have a look at a few of the steps from travel-proofing your dog, what to bring, finding a place to stay, getting there, and things to do…



Swakop News

Today is the big “Have a Heart”-day for three beautiful dogs in Swakopmund! 

Nothing less than our “full service” – spay/neuter, vaccination, anti parasite treatment – is good enough for them!

Thank you so much Feed a Paw ProjectMadelaine Strydom for choosing them, picking them up at home early this morning and bringing them safely back home later today after the recovery time!

Happy new life for the three! 

Omaruru News

A big shout out and THANK YOU goes to Olga Kausch and Hannah Dörgeloh!
Olga and Hannah teamed up and sold beverages for Have a Heart in Omaruru during the Omaruru Arts Festival!

Thank you so so so much to both of you for your dedication and support!

We have big plans for Omaruru and this support will help to make the big dreams we have come true!

A big shout out and THANK YOU goes to Olga Kausch and Hannah Dörgeloh! Olga and Hannah teamed up and sold beverages for…

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And more!

And more cuteness overload from Keetmans 

P.S. all of them are sterilised, treated against parasites and vaccinated, the best way to make sure they live a long, happy and healthy life!