Karibib News!

Well done to everyone involved!!

Our very first Animal-Kind International spay day for feral cats in Karibib was a great success!

19 cats – 12 female and 7 male – are now castrated and vaccinated and are part of the solution!

Thank you so much to everyone who donated towards Animal-Kind International to make it possible for us to cover the material costs! Thank you to everyone, who donated time and petrol and drove many hundred kilometers to help and transport the cats. Thank you to the Cat Protection Society of Namibia for being part of this fantastic spay day! Thank you Dr Estelle and her team for supporting the cats! Thank you to the kind people, who are feeding and trapping the feral cats and Thank you to Tierschutzverein Swakopmund (SPCA) for borrowing the boxes to trap and transport the cats. And of course Thank you Jette, for organising everything!

If everyone steps up, a mountain can be moved and 19 feral cats in Karibib have a chance to get a full “Have a Heart make over” 

Mariental News

“Spottie has a sad face because he lost a piece of his manhood today! But owner Immanuel is all smiles!”

We love messages from Mariental! Thank you so much Dr Erna for helping Spotti, thank you Immanuel for being a responsible dog owner and thank you to everyone who supports dogs like Spotti via Have a Heart! 

Spotti is on antibiotic medication at the moment as he is having tick bite fever  but thanks to Animal-Kind International who is stepping up for “our” dogs that are sick, Spotti will be happy and healthy soon! 


Shimmy for Shelter

Thank you so so so much Sascha Belly Dancer for choosing Have a Heart Namibia for the Shimmy for Shelter 2019!

We are so great full to receive N$ 22,000 of which every single cent will go towards the less fortunate dogs and cats in Namibia for spay/neuter, vaccination and parasite treatment!

Many many lives will be changed and improved thanks to the dancers, the audience and the sponsors of Shimmy for Shelter! 


Swakop News

Fantastic June-News from the Have a Heart team in Swakopmund!

This June – thanks to everyone who supports and donates towards “our Have a Heart dogs and cats” – the team from Swakop Vet Clinic was able to transform 2 female cats, 19 male dogs and 27 female dogs through castration, vaccination and parasite treatment into our newest family members!

The incredible Feed a Paw Project team, Madelaine Strydom, organised as always the transport of the “June 2019 lucky 48” – Thank you so much, without you, we wouldn’t know how to do it!



Rundu News!

Fantastic work done by HaveaHeart Rundu!

The 7th Have-A-Heart Rundu Spayathon was held End of May at the Sauyemwa and Kasote villages.

During the 4 day Spayathon a whooping 11 cats and 122(!) dogs were spayed or neutered!

Thank you so much to Dr Baines and his team of the Mobile Animal Clinic – Namibia and Juandra and her team for the hard work and to everyone who supports the less fortunate dogs and cats in Rundu with the so important castration, vaccination and parasite treatment!

The picture captured a beautiful and honest moment – three caring children on the side of their dogs in the wake up area 

Have a Heart!

From time to time we are asked why we help “only dogs and cats” and not people?
Well, first of all: When HaH started to offer free spay/neuter for low and no income dogs and cats, there has been – and still is – no other registered castration program in Namibia. This alone shows the urgency of such a project.

Secondly, the great demand: there are hundreds of owners all over Namibia, waiting desperately for their pets’ turn to be castrated, vaccinated and treated against parasites.

But is this really all HaH does? Help the dog or cat of the low or no income owner?

No, it is not.

Of course the dog or the cat is the one who gets castrated, vaccinated and treated against parasites. But in all the years Have a Heart is now operating, we not once had a dog or cat coming to us by itself to book in. It is always the loving, caring and worrying owner, who accepted our offer; the owners who know it is best for the animals to be sterilised and vaccinated, but simply couldn’t afford it.

But for us there are more reasons to offer free spay and neuter, vaccination, parasite control and basic emergency care.

Despite the fact we talk a lot to children about handling and keeping a dog and cat in a safe and correct way and how to react correct when a dog is charging a person, this is what we do:

With the free service we offer for pets of low or no income pet owners, we take a lot of weight of the owners shoulders, financially and also psychologically.

The animals are healthier and on top of it, the owners don’t have to worry about finding a good home for puppies (every 6 month) and kittens (every 4 month).

They don’t need to worry their dogs will contract and die of Pavo or Distemper. Or tick bite fever. They can worry less about the fact their dog could infect the children with worms or fleas.

The dog will be less aggressive and is strolling around much less, which minimises the chance of getting injured, run over or stolen but maximises the time it is at home, protecting the family and their possessions.

And of course there are no two opinions about the feeling of safety when your dog or cat is vaccinated against rabies.

And did you know that Namibia’s Wildlife also benefits from our work?

So in short: There is no such thing of only helping dogs or cats and not their families in Have a Heart’s work. Have a Heart supports the low and now income, caring and loving pet owners!

And more T-N-R!

Another feral cat in the middle of Walvis Bay was trapped, neutered and returned last week!

A big Thank You goes to our wonderful volunteers Sonia and Wena for trapping and returning AND sponsoring the costs for the sterilisation!

Want to find out more about TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return)?


Another feral cat in the middle of town was trapped, neutered and returned last week!A big Thank You goes to our…

Posted by Have-a-Heart Walvis Bay on Thursday, 20 June 2019


This cat is a beautiful member of the Have-a-Heart Walvis Bay 

He is wearing our official “TNR badge” – the eartip was cut off during the sterilisation surgery by the vet. This is a totally painless procedure (the cat is under anesthesia). This is done to see from far, the cat is sterilised and vaccinated.

TNR means Trap-Neuter-Return and is the only effective and humane solution for managing the number of feral cats. The cat is caught in a life trap and after the sterilisation brought back to the same spot. Here he or she can keep on catching mice and rats, but the number of cats in the group will remain the same, they will not endlessly multiply.

The ear is cut so that it is easy for everyone to see, that this is a mousing cat who will diligently do it’s job while not making babies or noise at night (sterilised cats do not fight or cry at night as their reproduction hormones are low).

Thanks Sonja, for sharing the pictures!

Posted by Have-a-Heart Namibia on Friday, 21 June 2019