Update on Blik!

A quick update on Blik from Kapsfarmlocation:

He is still on his TVT treatment but is nearly done and he is feeling sooo much better!

Thanks You so so much to Cat Adams – Act of Kindness for picking up Blik once a week at his home in Kapsfarmlocation and driving him to the Rhino Park Vet Clinic in Windhoek! And for making the treatment days so special for brave boy Blik! He enjoys the trips very much and he and Cat have so much fun 

Also a big Thank You goes to Animal-Kind International for making sure we have funds for treatments for “our” dogs like Blik! And to everyone who support with donations dogs like Blik! You saved his life!

Thank You!

News from Speedy

Have-a-Heart boy Speedy is doing well at Rhino Park after having his operation to fix his broken leg. Keeping our family members healthy is one of our commitments and thanks to Animal-Kind International, we are able to keep helping dogs like Speedy.


One of our commitments to all Have-a-Heart family members is to keep them healthy for life. So, when we were contacted by Speedy’s family, a Have-a-Heart dog from Kapps Farm, for help there was no hesitation to say yes. Speedy had an accident and broke his leg, and was in quite some pain. Today he had his operation to fix the leg with Dr Minty from Rhino Park and we hope Speedy has a speedy recovery!

Thanks to Animal-Kind International, we have the funds available for such emergencies! However, if you would like to help with Speedy’s operation costs a deposit can be made into the Rhino Park account with the reference ‘Speedy HAH’

M V Soni T/A Rhino Park Veterinary Clinic
Nedbank account # 11000370330
Branch code 461609.

And another big Thank You goes to Cat Adams – Act of Kindness for the transport of Speedy from his home to the clinic! 

News from Omaruru!

On the picture you can see Witfoet with his family!

Witfoet is from Omaruru and he was neutered six weeks ago. Witfoet had TVT, as many dogs in Omaruru have… But luckily his very caring owners asked the Have a Heart Team for help.

Witfoet was treated once a week for 6 weeks by Dr Estelle and received his last treatment on Monday. He is now officially a happy and healthy dog! 

We have a nice video of Witfoet and we will post it here as soon as we have figured out how to make it a bit shorter. 

Die Gecko

The September issue of Die Gecko is published!

As always with very very beautiful pictures and fantastic information! And a Have a Heart feel good story