Beautiful Blik is one of the dogs who has been neutered, vaccinated and treated against parasites during a fantastic spay day we had when the Mobile Animal Clinic – Namibia visited the Kapsfarm location in December 2018.

A few days ago Blik’s owner asked for help, he noticed lumps under the skin and Blik was loosing weight.

It turned out, Blik has TVT. TVT is a virus, transmitted during mating and the only 100 % prevention is spay or neuter before the dogs figured out they are interested in other dogs! Untreated it is deadly. TVT is mostly seen in the dogs privates parts (Blik also has a big lump there, but we don’t want embarrass him and publish a picture of that), but it can show up anywhere. Blik has TVT under his skin.

To treat TVT, the dog has to get for 6 weeks once a week an injection (chemo treatment) from a vet.

Blik is one lucky guy, not only is TVT treatable, but also his owner was worried about him and knew where to go and ask for help AND Dr Maya could immediately organise treatment for him with Dr Minty at the Rhino Park Vet Clinic AND the fantastic team from Cat Adams – Act of Kindnessoffered the weekly transport of Blik from Kapsfarm to the clinic AND his medical costs are covered by Animal-Kind International!

Blik and his owner would like to say a BIG BIG THANK YOU to everyone who is supporting Blik.

We will keep you updated about Blik’s recovery