We are so happy to announce that as from today in Bethanie 20 more dogs and cats are member of our ever growing Have a Heart Family!

Bethanie is a little town, far away from any vet clinic, but filled with responsible and caring dog and cat owners! Dr. Baines and his team from Mobile Animal Clinic – Namibia did not only saw our 20 new family members for their “full service”, also 52 dogs and cats old members of the Have a Heart family were brought to the team today for their – for humans and animals alike – so important parasite treatment and if necessary booster vaccination.

But nothing of this would be possible without lots of support! Thank you so much again to everyone who contributed, donated, sponsored and supported! Only because of YOUR support we are able to help!

And also a big Thank You goes to Dr. Baines for helping the beautiful dogs and cats of Bethanie!

Photo Sharon Baines