Before and After Spay/Neuter

A post from two years ago – why we do what we do – to make a positive and significant difference to the lives of Namibia’s township animals.

The simple steps of sterilisation, vaccination and mange treatment brought about the changes you see in the photos below.

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Reason no 4:
Because we make a positive difference!

Surviving in a township is hard, even for the loved dogs and cats. Having puppies or kittens twice a year is hard on a dogs or cats body. A spayed dog’s or cat’s immune system has much more energy to fight for the own body to keep it healthy.
A spay plus a small booster with a dewormer on top of it brings amazing changes!

Both dogs in the picture below, Anna and Monika, are still with the same owner, they still live in the same area, have the same diet! All Have a Heart did was spay/neuter, vaccinate, deworm and a bit of mange treatment and 4 weeks later we have much more healthy dogs 

Please keep supporting our work! It makes a different in a dogs or cats life.

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