Kosis 2019

Kosis was a town we visited for the first time in 2019 and the huge amount of people turning up for sterilisation shows the vast need and want for Have-a-Heart across Namibia. In Kosis a great total of 27 dogs and cats were sterilised!


Aus 2019

Aus is a small settlement we have been working with for quite some time now. By our calculations, over 80% of the dog population is now sterilised and vaccinated – which is just amazing. In 2019 a further 31 dogs and cats were sterilised there. Go Aus!

Bethanie 2019

Bethanie in southern Namibia is a community committed to sorting their dog and cat population. In 2019, 21 dogs and cats from this small community were sterilised and vaccinated! Thanks to all supporting for making this possible.

Khorixas 2019

Khorixas is yet another town Have-a-Heart have committed to helping and in 2019, 40 dogs and cats from the no/low income community were sterilised,vaccination and given parasite control treatment!

Kamanjab 2019

Last year we were able to sterilise a grand total of 53 dogs and cats in Kamanjab! All our work is only possible because of generous donations from you – thank you – your support is really changing lives across Namibia!

Fantastic News from Keetmanshoop!

We just got fantastic news from Keetmanshoop!

A kind and caring lady started feeding a stray cat a few years ago and over time, more cats showed up and lots of cats had kittens and now there is a group of around 40(!!!) semi feral cats asking for food at the kind lady’s house!

This number is not only a big problem for the lady who cares about the cats, but also for her neighbors as there are many cat fights and lots of noise during the nights, the cats poo everywhere, taking dustbins apart and not to forget: as non of the cat was vaccinated against rabies, this is also a potential health threat for humans!

But luckily and thanks to donations, the Keetmans team was able to start trapping the cats last week and 10 cats (8 female and 2 male) are already sterilised and vaccinated! This is absolutely fantastic!!

The cats are trapped, sterilised and released back home, they will be looked after as before, but now they do not multiply and over time the group will get smaller and smaller. This is the only humane solution to such a problem!

The team hopes to catch more cats by next week, but all depends on the funds available and due to this they will host another dog walk on Saturday! We will post the info just now. Please everyone support Have a Heart Keetmans with a donation to make it possible for the team to help the cats and many other dogs and cats in Keetmans!


Spitzkoppe 2019

Thanks to generous donations, we were able to hold a spay day in 2019 at the small settlement at the turn-off to Spitzkoppe. During this day 22 dogs and cats were sterilised – the majority of animals living there! Great achievement for such a short time period.



Lüderitz 2019

Despite having to cancel a spay day due to strong winds in 2019, a grand total of 39 dogs and cats were sterilised in Luderitz! This special town holds a strong place in our hearts and we can’t wait to see more dogs and cats helped there in 2020!