Animal-Kind International relief fund!

We have yet more good news! Thanks to Animal-Kind International‘s emergency Covid funding, and various partners, we have been able to help a number of sick dogs across Namibia recently. All are or will, when healthy enough, receive their all important sterilisation and vaccination.

In Reoboth Bella and Snowy’s concerned owner needed help for his two sick dogs. We were able to team up with the awesome C.A.P.U. who organised transport to the vets in Windhoek to get the dogs the medical attention they so badly needed. Currently the dogs are awaiting their sterilisation which will happen as soon as the vets receive suture material.

In Swakopmund, Spikey, was brought to the Swakop Vet Clinic with a badly broken leg, which was mended and at the moment Spikey is recovering well. Thank you to Tierschutzverein Swakopmund (SPCA) and Swakop Vet Clinic for helping super cute Spikey.

Ou Spikes from Kalkand had a painful molar abscess removed by the Mobile Animal Clinic – Namibia, whilst Teddy from Groot Aub had his eye removed by the Mobile Animal Clinic after he sustained a nasty injury.

As always a massive thank you to Animal-Kind International and their supporters for funding these massively important cases, without this funding many of these animals would not be able to get the medical attention they need!