Animal-Kind International

There is no way we will ever be able to say enough THANK YOUs to Animal-Kind International and it’s supporters!

For many years Have a Heart and the dogs and cats in need in Namibia have been supported by Animal-Kind International, always trusting us by allowing us to use the money where ever we think it’s needed most.

Animal-Kind International have been supporting us from day 1, helping us through the difficult start, when there were so many dogs and cats in urgent need of spay or neuter, but funds were low.

But not only financial support, also very patient, moral support sent in many mails, helped us so much!

The trusting in us and allowing us to use the donations where they are needed most made it possible for us to help not only many, many dogs and cats with spay/neuter operations, but also with ongoing parasite treatment and vaccinations of our old customers, emergency treatment, parasite treatment and rabies vaccination for horses and donkeys, and many emergency treatments for dogs and cats in need.

Snoopy, Blompot, Lady, Jose, Nica and Blacky are just a few of the many dogs and cats that have been helped over the years without a second of delay, because we as a spay and neuter program had funds from Animal-Kind International for such emergencies available.

THANK YOU ANIMAL-KIND INTERNATIONAL, Namibia’s dogs and cats and Have a Heart owes you big time!