Have a Heart is to 100 % dependent on donations.

Without any donation, no matter how small or big, Have a Heart would not be able to help a single dog or cat. Without any donation, we would not be able to offer a single owner with no or low income to get his or her dog or cat sterilised for free. Without any donation, non of the many dogs and cats we have been able to get operated would have received a life saving vaccination, parasite or emergency treatment.

Everyone at Have a Heart is working a lot to help as many animals as possible, but without YOUR DONATION AND SUPPORT, no matter how big or small, all the work would not be possible!

No matter if you are a monthly donor, or the person who puts N$ 10 in one of our piggies, or N$ 10000 in our account, ALL OF YOU are part of Have a Heart’s big dream: to make Namibia the pet friendliest country, where all dogs and cats live a good life 

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH to all of you!