Omaruru News

On the picture you can see little Sussie and Meisiekind, both are from Omaruru’s township. Sussie and Meisiekind had their big spay day last week¬†

Their owner, Ouma Christofina Doeses wasn’t able to take the two herself to Dr Estelle, as she is currently recovering from a long hospital stay. But she didn’t let go of the chance to have her dogs sterilised, vaccinated and treated against parasites and asked her two grandchildren to help out!

We are so glad to take one big worry from Ouma Christofina Doeses shoulders, by giving her two dogs a full “Have a Heart Service”. She now doesn’t need to worry about additional puppies she would have to look after and Sussie and Meisiekind had with all the vaccinations, parasite treatment and vitamins a good booster into a healthy life!

We know we say it often, but THANK YOU again to everyone who supports Have a Heart and makes it possible to help. THANK YOU to the Omaruru Have a Heart Team, to Dr Estelle and her team!