Walvis Bay in 2018

The Have a Heart Team in Walvis Bay is working tirelessly towards one goal: No more unwanted and homeless animals in Walvis Bay!

The community is very much pro spay/neuter and Walvis Bay has a long waiting list with cats and dogs in need!

In 2018 a whooping 138 less fortunate dogs and cats have been sterilised, and statistically that makes 1932 less unwanted animals born in Walvis alone!

The SPCA is full up to the last little spot with lovely dogs and cats looking for caring homes, so we know for sure, Walvis Bay does not need more little cat or dogs born!

The Walvis Bay team is very thankful about everyone who supports them, the Southern Cross Veterinary Practice and especial about Wena, a wonderful volunteer who is always there when feral cats need to trapped – neutered – returned 

The team set the goal for 2019 high: multiply the number of spayed/ neutered cats and dogs 🐱🐶 and save many more lives!

If you’d like to be part of this please contact them, they highly appreciate donations to:

Bank Details:
Have A Heart Walvis Bay
Bank Windhoek
Account # 800 490 4562
Branch number 481 872
Cheque account

Find a vet who can sterilise your cat/ dog here: http://www.van.org.na/section.php?secid=9&menuid=9

138 * 14 = 1932We spayed/ neutered 138 less fortunate cats and dogs in 2018!Every unspayed/ unneutered cat or dog can…

Posted by Have-a-Heart Walvis Bay on Wednesday, January 2, 2019