Spitzkoppe Turn-Off Cummunity

Ever so often the SPCA in Swakopmund Tierschutzverein Swakopmund (SPCA) receives complaints regarding the dogs kept by the semi-precious stone sellers at the Henties turn off from the B2.

As again a long term solution would be SPAY & NEUTER, the SPCA contacted us to find out if we would be able to help the community?

Free Spay/Neuter service for dogs and cats in Namibia is not a once-off-all-is-done. As only one breeding pair can produce thousands of cats and dogs in only a few years, once we started in a town or village, we have to commit to regular spay days to make a difference. Thanks to ongoing support and Have a Heart teams all over Namibia working tirelessly, Have a Heart is currently able to offer ongoing or regular (once or twice a year) spay/neuter service in 24 (yes, twenty-four!) towns and villages!

This is amazing and would not be possible without so many kind people supporting the less fortunate dogs and cats of Namibia!

Despite the fact there are still many many towns in Namibia that are desperate for our help, we are currently unable to add more ongoing larger towns, villages or settlements onto our list. But the settlement at the “Spitzkoppe” Tourn off is such a small community, one spay day will have a vast impact!

After the call for help we spoke to Dr. Baines from Mobile Animal Clinic – Namibia, and he confirmed he would be available for an extra day at this settlement. One of our team members went to visit the community and learned the dogs work every day in the field, which makes is even more difficult for them to raise puppie, but received very positive feedback on our offer and now we are ready to go!

To not have to cut down on our regular towns, please have a look, and if you are able to make a small or big donation to give this wonderful dogs and cats a chance of a long healthy life, please do so! It will definitely put a smile on your face to know you are part of a positive change!

Thank you!