2018 is done and dusted, Have-a-Heart Namibia had some wonderful highs and devastating lows but looking back we are so proud to have sterilised, vaccinated and administered parasite control treatment to 1,729 less fortunate dogs and cats across the length and breadth of Namibia. In addition we provided booster vaccinations to many, many of our previously sterilised Have-a-Heart family members and were able to provide emergency medical care to township animals every time it was requested. We thank each and every person supporting us; without you none of this work would happen 

We are excited to launch full speed in 2019 and keep growing our beloved Have-a-Heart family.

To support the less fortunate dogs and cats in 2019 please join in as well with a donation:
Account Name: Have a Heart Namibia
Account number: 2000 266 940
Branch: Outjo
Code: 481-673

Thank you!

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