Mayor from Mariental

Today we would like to introduce you to Mayor!

Mayor is from Mariental and had some tough luck, he broke the bone in his private male part 

We all know what he probably did while this happened (…), but still – outch!

But his bad luck didn’t stop here  the bone didn’t grow together correctly and that caused that he couldn’t pee anymore without problems, which must have been so so painful, poor guy!

Luckily his owner realised something is wrong with Mayor and luckily for Mayor Have a Heart is now also able to help in Mariental – a big big big Thank You from us and Mayor to Dr. Erna and to everyone who supports Have a Heart dogs and cats in Mariental!!!

Dr. Erna neutered Mayor (so he will not be able to have this problem ever again) and made sure he is able to pee again without problems. She also kept him for a few days at the clinic to make sure his kidneys are ok. Thanks to Animal-Kind International Mayor will also get all the medication he needs, including a full load of Antibiotics 

At first Mayor was a bit depressed and everyone worried about him, but Dr. Erna told us his positive spirit came back when his daddy came for a visit 

This is exactly what Have a Heart stands for, helping dogs like Mayor and his caring family in times of need!