Municipality Walvis Bay

Look what has been spotted today by Have-a-Heart Walvis Bay!

This is a “Walvis Bay Municipality” vehicle! Wow, this is so great!

Walvis Bay Municipality is really stepping up with this fantastic initiative, showing interest, responsibility and a solution for the health and well being of their community!

We love it!!

Have-a-Heart Walvis Bay and also we realised the number of phone calls and messages we receive is increasing, we are happy to see that more and more pet owners are getting aware of how important spay/ neuter is, especially for the pets’ long term health!

Have a Heart helps to sterilise cats and dogs of owners with little or no income, as well as feral cats and dogs (animals who have no home).

Join in and help us to make the biggest impact! The more funds we have, the more we can help! We have long waiting lists and we hate to send animals in urgent need of sterilisation away, only because we have no funds available.

Every cent of every donation is spent on sterilisation, vaccination and parasite control for dogs and cats. This is not only good for the animal itself, but also very important for us humans, especially for children!

Please join us in stopping unwanted breeding and dumping of defenseless animals.

Become part of something positive and change a life with a donation today! 


In case you would like to get your dog or cat sterilised, but you are not a part of the low/no income community, please find your nearest vet here: