Two weeks ago we received a phone call from Spca Luderitz, one of “our Have a Heart” dogs – Sweetie – is with them, she had an accident, both her front legs are injured, she is in terrible pain and the desperate owners asked for help…

Of course we help! We know Sweetie since her spay day in May 2015!

Luckily within a short time the Spca Luderitz team managed to organise a lift for Sweetie to travel the next morning to Dr. Erna in Mariental – 570 km away! Thank you so much Teresa and Denis Groenewalt for the help!

As soon as Sweetie arrived in Mariental, Dr. Erna made sure Sweetie is comfortable and took x-rays. The x-rays showed how terrible and difficult Sweetie’s injuries are.. 
But we didn’t give up yet! Dr. Erna spoke to Dr. Maya, Dr. Maya got a third opinion from South Africa and then Dr. Minty and the team at Rhino Park Veterinary Clinic said they have the equipment needed and will be able to operate Sweetie!

So the next day Dr. Erna drove Sweetie all the way to Windhoek – another 280 km – and Sweetie settled in at Rhino Park Veterinary Clinic.

Poor Sweetie needed in total 3 operations and screws and plates but for the past week she is recovering and getting stronger every day. The amazing team at Rhino Park Veterinary Clinic is spoiling her with lots of love and attention and Sweetie is enjoying it 

Sweetie is still in a bit of pain and will still need lots of support until she is able to go back home, but this is already a real “feel good” story! So many people stood up for Sweetie and it makes our heart beat stronger to see how much love and support everyone has for a scared, broken dog they didn’t even know two weeks ago.

Everyone who is helping Sweetie is part of this great story which makes the world a better place! THANK YOU!!!!!

Sweetie is only alive because of so many people volunteering to help her, and the biggest thank you must go to everyone who donates towards  Animal-Kind International!!! THANK YOU for helping Sweetie, a dog most of you most likely never meet…. but she is a dog who wants to live and go back to her family and we simply help her to make her dream come true 

In a few days Sweetie will go to Swakopmund and spend the next weeks at the fantastic Tierschutzverein Swakopmund (SPCA) – we will keep you posted