Jaguar and Oortjies

Jaguar and Oortjies had fallen in some kind of oil 

Once Have-a-Heart sterilises an animal we commit to taking care of that animal. So when Jaguar, a Have-a-Heart Walvis Bay family member was in need of our help there was no hesitation to act. Thanks to everyone involved for making sure Jaguar got the help they needed.

Jaguar and Oortjies are semi-feral cats living at the harbour. The kind people who look after them asked us if we can help. Jaguar is already a “customer” of ours, she has been spayed by us already. Oortjies will be spayed at the next opportunity, today she was too stressed. Once an animal has become part of the Have-A-Heart family = if it has been sterilised by us, we try to help, when they need medical attention.
Our kind volunteer Felicity has returned them to where they live, after the vet at removed the oil from their fur. They must feel so much better now! 🤗😽