Spanner in Swakopmund

Great news from Swakopmund:

Meet beautiful Spanner! 

He was one of the two dogs and one cat that has been sterilised yesterday in Swakopmund.

Spanner is currently receiving his 6-week-mange treatment through the awesome Feed a Paw ProjectMadelaine Strydom. After his sterilisation Spanner stayed for a night at the Vet Clinic and will go back home today.

Mange is a terrible sickness, it takes a lot of energy out of the dog, they feel terrible and loose a lot of weight. The dogs itch non stop, scratch themselves until blood is running and they can’t sleep… 

Mange loves the climate in Namibia’s coast towns, but it usually breaks out when the dog’s immune system is “busy”, e.g. with a pregnancy, a cold or stress.

But we saw it many, many times:
There is no need in finding a different home or changing the dog’s diet, as soon as the dogs are sterilised (this reduces stress a lot) and they receive treatment against the mange, it usually only takes 4 weeks and the dog is back to 100 % health with beautiful hair 

Thank you so much to the Feed a Paw Project for looking after Spanner and Thank you so much to everyone who supports Have a Heart, Feed a Paw and/or Tierschutzverein Swakopmund (SPCA) in Swakopmund! With YOUR support those three projects do fantastic work – every day – to make the world a better place!